Dieta inadeguata per le mamme che allattano

A detta degli scienziati dell’Università di Granada, in Spagna, il 94% delle mamme che allattano al seno non segue una dieta corretta che possa garantire un adeguato apporto di vitamine, proteine e grassi. Questo comporta una riduzione della qualità del latte e dei nutrienti trasmessi al neonato e, al contempo, riduce il benessere della mamma stessa. Lo studio è stato condotto in team dal dott. Jose Luis Gsmez Llorente del Dipartimento di Pediatria dell’Università di Granada e coordinato dalla prof.ssa Cristina Campoy Folgoso.

I ricercatori hanno coinvolto 34 mamme che allattavano al seno a cui è stato consegnato un questionario sulle abitudini alimentari. In seguito hanno raccolto da queste donne cento campioni di latte per valutarne la composizione e confrontare la dieta seguita con le eventuali carenze di sostanze nutrienti. I dati raccolti hanno permesso di stabilire che nel 94% dei casi le mamme seguivano una dieta a scarso contenuto di grassi.

Questa stessa percentuale di mamme, inoltre, mostrava di seguire una dieta troppo ricca di proteine, superando le percentuali giornaliere raccomandate. La quasi totalità delle mamme aveva una carenza di vitamina A ed E. In particolare l’88% di queste non rientrava nei valori del DRI per la vitamina A e il 99% presentava una carenza nell’apporto di vitamina E. Tutto ciò indica che il 94% delle donne che allattano non soddisfa i criteri del Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) ossia l’Ingestione Giornaliera di Riferimento.

In linea generale le mamme che allattano sono state ritenute avere un apporto insufficiente di questi micronutrienti importanti che sono essenziali per lo sviluppo neurologico dei loro bambini. Come spiega il dott. Gómez Llorente,

“Il latte materno è il metodo ideale di alimentazione neonati sani. Ovviamente se il latte è carente proprio degli elementi essenziali, il neonato non può beneficiarne con un possibile danno alla salute e allo sviluppo. Le mamme che allattano possono migliorare significativamente la composizione del loro latte ottimizzando la loro dieta”.

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    Ashley memainkan peran krusial dalam kelompok JKT48. Ia adalah anggota Tim KIII dan berperan sebagai penari utama dan penyanyi utama. Ashley juga menjadi bagian dari unit sub “J3K” bersama Jessica Veranda dan Jennifer Rachel Natasya.

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    5. Safe Testing Ground for Actual-Currency Gaming
    For those pondering moving to paid slots, gratis slot games grant a valuable testing ground. Players can try out diverse games, hone tactics, and gain assurance before deciding to invest genuine cash. This groundwork can result in a more knowledgeable and rewarding paid gaming encounter.


    Free slot games grant a wealth of rewards, from absolute fun to competency enhancement and social interaction. They present a safe and non-monetary way to savor the rush of slot machines, establishing them a helpful addition to the domain of online amusement. Whether you’re aiming to unwind, improve your mental capabilities, or simply enjoy yourself, complimentary slot games are a fantastic choice that steadfastly captivate players throughout.

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    Prosperity Gaming Site: In an Environment Where Fun Meets Fortune

    Luck Gaming Site is a renowned digital location recognized for its extensive array of experiences and captivating benefits. Let’s investigate the factors that explain why so many people savor partaking in Wealth Gambling Platform and in which manner it benefits them.

    Amusement Factor
    Fortune Wagering Environment offers a range of games, incorporating traditional wagering games like blackjack and wheel of fortune, as well as groundbreaking slot-based activities. This breadth secures that there is an option for everyone, making each encounter to Prosperity Casino enjoyable and amusing.

    Big Winnings

    One of the main features of Luck Gambling Platform is the possibility to secure major payouts. With significant major payouts and bonuses, customers have the chance to turn their luck around with a one-time round or round. A significant number of participants have acquired considerable prizes, augmenting the suspense of engaging with Fortune Casino.

    Convenience and Accessibility
    Prosperity Wagering Environment’s online interface renders it straightforward for users to savor their favorite experiences from any setting. Regardless of whether at residence or while traveling, participants can reach Fortune Gambling Platform from their computer or smartphone. This approachability guarantees that players can enjoy the excitement of the gaming whenever they desire, without the requirement to journey.

    Variety of Games

    Wealth Gaming Site presents a broad assortment of offerings, providing that there is an alternative for all type of participant. From established casino games to conceptual slot-based games, the variety retains participants captivated and pleased. This selection also allows users to investigate novel games and discover novel favorites.

    Promotional Benefits
    Luck Casino compensates its players with perks and advantages, incorporating welcome incentives and membership schemes. These rewards not just enhance the interactive encounter but also boost the likelihoods of achieving substantial winnings. Players are steadfastly driven to maintain participation, rendering Wealth Wagering Environment even more attractive.

    Shared Experiences and Social Networking

    ChatGPT l Валли, [06.06.2024 4:30]
    Luck Gambling Platform offers a atmosphere of togetherness and social interaction for users. Via chat rooms and discussion boards, users can engage with one another, share recommendations and approaches, and in certain cases develop interpersonal bonds. This collaborative element injects a further facet of satisfaction to the gaming sensation.

    Wealth Casino offers a comprehensive selection of rewards for users, involving enjoyment, the chance to win big, ease, diversity, rewards, and interpersonal connections. Regardless of whether seeking suspense or hoping to strike it rich, Luck Gaming Site delivers an exhilarating encounter for all partake in.

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    Virtual Table Games: A Source of Amusement and Capability Building

    Internet-based poker has materialized as a popular type of amusement and a medium for skill development for players worldwide. This article analyzes the favorable components of digital table games and in what way it upsides users, emphasizing its pervasive popularity and effect.

    Pleasure-Providing Aspect
    Internet-based card games provides a enthralling and immersive entertainment encounter, enthralling customers with its strategic gameplay and changeable conclusions. The activity’s captivating nature, together with its collaborative facets, offers a distinctive type of fun that a significant number of view as pleasurable.

    Capability Building

    Apart from entertainment, internet-based card games in addition functions as a medium for competency enhancement. The experience necessitates decision-making, quick thinking, and the ability to comprehend opponents, all of these add to mental growth. Customers can elevate their problem-solving abilities, emotional intelligence, and calculated approach aptitudes through frequent gameplay.

    Simplicity and Approachability
    One of the principal advantages of virtual casino-style games is its ease and reachability. Users can savor the experience from the comfort of their abodes, at whichever period that suits them. This reachability eradicates the requirement for journey to a traditional gambling establishment, constituting it as a user-friendly choice for users with demanding routines.

    Diversity of Options and Bet Sizes

    Virtual casino-style games interfaces present a wide range of games and stakes to accommodate users of all degrees of expertise and tastes. Regardless of whether you’re a learner seeking to learn the ropes or a veteran specialist aspiring to a test, there is a game for your preferences. This variety secures that users can constantly locate a offering that fits their skill level and bankroll.

    Interpersonal Connections
    Online poker also grants prospects for communal engagement. Several systems grant messaging capabilities and multiplayer settings that enable players to interact with like-minded players, communicate encounters, and establish personal connections. This communal factor adds complexity to the interactive experience, making it additionally rewarding.

    Financial Rewards

    For some, online poker can in addition be a provider of monetary gains. Talented players can receive major gains through frequent interactivity, rendering it a profitable undertaking for those who excel at the game. Also, a significant number of digital table games events provide major payouts, offering players with the opportunity to achieve substantial winnings.

    Digital table games grants a range of advantages for players, incorporating entertainment, proficiency improvement, ease, social interaction, and monetary gains. Its widespread acceptance persistently expand, with several individuals turning to online poker as a origin of fulfillment and development. Regardless of whether you’re aiming to refine your faculties or merely derive entertainment, online poker is a adaptable and advantageous pursuit for users of every origins.

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    Internet casinos are increasingly more popular, offering various promotions to attract new players. One of the most enticing deals is the no deposit bonus, a offer that lets casino players to try their luck without any monetary commitment. This overview explores the benefits of no-deposit bonuses and underscores how they can improve their effectiveness.

    What is a No Deposit Bonus?
    A free bonus is a category of casino incentive where participants receive bonus funds or free plays without the need to put in any of their own cash. This lets casino enthusiasts to explore the gaming site, try different games and possibly win real prizes, all without any initial expenditure.

    Advantages of No Deposit Bonuses

    Risk-Free Exploration
    No-deposit bonuses offer a risk-free chance to discover virtual casinos. Gamblers can test diverse game options, understand the user interface, and evaluate the overall gameplay without spending their own cash. This is significantly advantageous for newcomers who may not be familiar with online gambling sites.

    Chance to Win Real Money
    One of the most attractive elements of no-deposit bonuses is the potential to get real rewards. Even though the amounts may be modest, any earnings gained from the bonus can usually be collected after meeting the casino’s betting conditions. This brings an element of excitement and delivers a prospective financial benefit without any initial cost.

    Learning Opportunity
    No deposit bonuses provide a excellent way to grasp how different casino games work. Participants can try approaches, get to know the mechanics of the slots, and turn into more confident without worrying about parting with their own funds. This can be notably advantageous for challenging casino options like strategy games.

    No upfront deposit bonuses offer numerous upsides for users, such as safe discovery, the potential to win real money, and useful learning prospects. As the sector keeps to evolve, the appeal of no-deposit bonuses is anticipated to rise.

  43. Examining the Realm of Virtual Casinos

    In the digital age, online casinos have revolutionized the approach players experience gaming. With modern technology, users can access their chosen betting activities directly from the coziness of their homes. This article delves into the pros of internet casinos and for which they are gaining interest.

    Benefits of Online Casinos
    One of the key advantages of casino online is comfort. Enthusiasts can engage in gaming at any time and wherever they are they wish, eliminating the requirement to move to a land-based betting place.

    Extensive Game Options
    Virtual casinos offer a wide range of betting activities, including classic slot games and board games to live-action games and contemporary video slots. This diversity assures that there is a game for everyone.

    Perks and Specials
    Among the most appealing aspects of online casinos is the selection of bonuses and offers provided to users. These can encompass registration bonuses, free turns, money-back promotions, and player clubs.

    Protection and Assurance
    Well-known casino online make sure user security and security with cutting-edge data protection methods. This safeguards private data and financial transactions.

    Reasons Players Choose Online Casinos
    Internet casinos are extensively attainable, permitting enthusiasts from numerous locations to engage in betting.

  44. Exploring Lottery Gaming Hubs: An Exciting and Convenient Gaming Possibility

    Sweepstakes casinos are growing into a popular choice for users desiring an thrilling and legal method to experience online gambling. As opposed to traditional internet-based betting sites, promotion casinos work under different legal structures, enabling them to deliver games and awards without coming under the equivalent regulations. This exposition analyzes the principle of contest gaming hubs, their merits, and why they are enticing a expanding quantity of gamers.

    What is a Sweepstakes Casino?
    A lottery gambling platform works by supplying gamers with virtual money, which can be used to experience games. Gamers can earn further online coins or real rewards, for example cash. The primary disparity from classic gaming hubs is that participants do not buy money immediately but acquire it through marketing efforts, like purchasing a item or taking part in a gratis entry contest. This structure permits contest gambling platforms to work lawfully in many regions where standard online betting is restricted.

  45. Discovering Complimentary Casino Games

    Currently, free-of-charge casino games have turned into a favored choice for gamers who aspire to play casino activities free from using funds. This article investigates the perks of no-cost casino games and why they are attracting favor.

    Pros of Complimentary Casino Games
    Safe Betting
    One of the primary advantages of complimentary casino games is the ability to engage in gaming devoid of economic risk. Enthusiasts can engage in their beloved gaming options without fretting over losing money.

    Skill Enhancement
    No-cost casino games provide an fantastic stage for enthusiasts to refine their skills. Be it mastering methods in poker, gamblers can train minus monetary repercussions.

    Diverse Game Selection
    Complimentary casino games offer a extensive array of casino games, such options as classic slot machines, casino classics, and real-time games. This diversity ensures that there is an option for every kind of gambler.

    Why Free-of-Charge Casino Games are Favored
    Free-of-charge casino games are widely accessible, facilitating users from various backgrounds to enjoy gaming.

    Free from Financial Burden
    Unlike money-based gaming, complimentary casino games do not require a monetary obligation. This allows gamblers to engage in gaming without concerns about parting with funds.

    Test Before Betting
    No-cost casino games supply enthusiasts the chance to try gaming options before spending actual finances. This aids users create sound selections.

    No-cost casino games gives a fun and secure approach to play betting. With no financial risk, extensive game choices, and abilities for learning, it is understandable that numerous users like complimentary casino games for their gambling choices.

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